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Handmade soutache jewellery design & creation

About EMKa Jewellery

I've been doing soutache for over 7 years. Once my friend showed me soutache earrings made by her sister. I looked at them and said: Damn, I can do it! My husband had convinced me I should have tried. He said "You've always been good in all this manual work, you can sew, knit, crochet, make origami. I'm more than sure you'll succeed in soutache - just try". So I did.

Now I'm 5 stars Etsy seller with many happy customers, having constantly over 120 handmade items available in my shop. But it's not everything. I can (and I have already done it) design something from the scratch based on your on suggestions (colours you like, dress you'll be wearing, etc.) or I can make for you a similar item like the other in my shop. I never create 2 exactly the same items - I believe that handmade jewellery needs to be unique. If you wanted repeatability you wouldn't be here now, right?

Every single purchase still makes me think that: first - I'm happy that people appreciates my skills, and second - this is something I really love to do.

I hope you'll find here what you need. If there is anything I can help - don't hesitate and give me a shout.

With warm regards

Kasia / EMKa