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Providing customers with personal keepsake jewellery, lovingly made with your preserved breastmilk. Cremation Ashes keepsakes also.


flat 4 brunel court, Ridsdale road, Anerley, SE208AD

About Sentimental keepsake

Hello everyone, lovely to meet you all.  I design special keepsakes made from preserved breast milk and cremation ashes. My name is Debbie Towers, I live in SE London with my 21yr old daughter and my pooches Hugo and Max. I design special keepsakes for my lovely customers. They are made from Mums own preserved breast milk so they can always remember and cherish that bonding journey. I also make cremation ash keepsakes, keeping loved ones close, always. I love what I do, and I have met so many people with heartwarming stories. Not everyone's cup of tea but special to many. It has certainly been a talking point anyway, so the way I see it whether they like it or not I am just happy they are talking about it ... hehe.  

I started designing jewellery over 6 yrs ago now, but my heart wasn't really in it until I started doing keepsake jewellery. Being self-employed has been one of the toughest roads emotionally and financially but a road that I am glad I stayed on, I am loving and I will always continue. As my favourite quote goes "whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve". (Napoleon Hill)

I also just started blogging so I am rather new to that, my blog is called "how I became a breast milk artist" the blog posts are about the emotional mindset tips I had to acquire in order to stay focused on my business and happy in all areas of my life, regardless of my current circumstances. So I guess you could say it is a personal development blog aiming to help others. 

People ask me why do you have a blog that is personal development and not about products? because I want people to realise that no matter what they go through in life or have been through, that everyone can dream big and achieve goals. I used to be a person with no goals or dreams with very little self-esteem. Coming from a background growing up in children's homes and leaving school early without grades. But I changed my mindset set myself goals and via the internet taught myself how to do many things. Including my own website, which I will admit for a technophobe that was a challenge haha. It is not perfect and needs more on the SEO side to get found but it works at least. :) So it is very important for me to try and help others, I love to see people thrive and become happier. 

I am on the way to where I want to be in business, learning a lot and trying to get my business noticed by the right audience. I am so happy to have won #queenof special keepsakes, it really means the world to me. I also am very happy to have all of you who I can connect with who understand what it is like to be living your dreams. 

So thank you for reading and lovely to meet you all virtually :) and thank you for welcoming me. x