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Statistics that make you smile

About Bays Consulting

I am Sophie Carr.  I love maths.  Really love maths, but I didn’t set out to be a mathematician, I grew up loving aeroplanes (and Lego).  I still love both, and studied aeronautical engineering followed by a Masters of Applied Mathematics.  Then I found out about Bayesian statistics and that was a complete game changer.  Whilst working full time I studied for a PhD in developing Bayesian Belief Networks – a type of probabilistic model. 

I founded my own company to start showing how statistics and data science can help companies make the data they collect generate more profit and drive business forwards.  Having worked with large scale corporations through to niche micro businesses across retail, science, transport and engineering I love finding patterns in data and showing how they help answer key decisions – that’s statistics (or data science) that makes people smile.