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About Tag A Teddy

Ever lost your child's favourite teddy?

Spent endless hours searching, desperate to get it back?

We've all been there. Don't panic... Tag A Teddy is here to help in the future.

Tag A Teddy is a unique lost teddy search service - your answer to finding lost teddies. Simply purchase one of our Tag A Teddy GPS Smart ID Tags and once received, come back to the website, activate your tag and create your unique teddy profile, to ensure that if it's ever lost again, it will only be a matter of time before someone finds it and gets in touch to reunite you with your special buddy.

Tag A Teddy is a multi-award winning business founded in 2014 by a mother to 3 small children Jade Ecclestone. The idea came after her youngest son Bradley lost his much loved teddy bear Bramble and was totally inconsolable. Jade realised this was a common problem so after 18 months of research and testing the Tag A Teddy smart ID tag was invented, the first product of its kind to safeguard your loved ones most treasured possessions

Never Lost Or Forgotten Tag A Teddy Means No Heartbreak!