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I provide online personal training/ fitness programs to promote a healthy lifestyle for women

About HD Personal Fitness

HD Personal Fitness is the new, unique and effective way to lose weight, get fit and become the healthier, happier you!

Yes, fad diets work by cutting out a whole food group - or food altogether! However, this is only great in the short-term. At HD Personal Fitness, we look towards the future, ensuring you can maintain a healthy lifestyle to achieve long-term results - even if you fancy that cheeky slice of cake!


HD Personal Fitness is owned and run by Hannah, who will personally support you through your whole fitness journey. I believe in creating a lifestyle change, meaning it's sustainable forever. With me, you can achieve your body goals and enjoy them forever. I offer various membership packages, so you're sure to find one that suits you, and that'll you'll enjoy! You will also receive recipe ideas, as eating the right foods is also an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle!