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Unique handmade greetings cards & wall art

About Catkin Crafts

I am Julianne Cash, owner of Catkin Crafts and maker of unique greetings cards - many of which can be framed as wall art after receiving. I am a former primary teacher but left the profession in order to take control of my own work-life balance and pursue a career following my true passion of arts and crafts. Being self-employed also allows me the freedom to work around my other important job of 'Mum'. I am proud to run my own business and aim to be role model and inspiration to my young daughter.

I find inspiration in anything and everything and I just live to be creative! My most popular card collection was inspired by my favourite artwork - 'Starry Night' by Van Gogh. I just had to create my own interpretation and I now use this as the background for various hand-cut silhouettes based on popular culture and landmarks etc. Several customers have contacted me to show me how their Starry Night cards have been framed and mounted on their wall.

I also love to make cards for my friends and family and many of these end up in my Etsy store for others to purchase. This applies to my geometric heart cards, which first started as a 2 year wedding anniversary card for my husband. I added hand-stitched cotton thread as cotton is the traditional gift for 2 years. These cards have been incredibly popular and customers have bought them for a range of occasions including engagements and births as well as anniversaries.