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About VintageLove by Trine

Based in Stockport, Cheshire we have an Online shop and you will find us at markets across the North West every weekend.  Follow us on social media for up-to-date venues and markets that we will be at and come say hello!
All jewellery is made from recycled/upcycled vintage and modern costume jewellery. Wherever possible all leather and fabrics are sourced through charity organisations.

The Vintage Love Story…

Vintage love started at the end of 2018. I inherited a few pieces of jewellery from my Danish great-grandparents including a lovely pearl brooch, however, it wasn’t something I would typically wear. So I designed a necklace using the brooch as a feature. I loved it and got so many compliments…..and above all I had so much fun doing it that I wanted to do more!

Around the same time we needed to change our sofa…mainly thanks to our naughty puppy who had eaten one end of it ..  However, the rest of the leather was still in excellent condition and far too good to be thrown away! So I stripped the sofa, cleaned the leather, and made a little handbag…

…and before I knew it Vintage Love was born 

I now source large crates of broken and tangled jewellery and accessories that are destined for landfills. These are broken down into individual components, cleaned up and then I let my imagination take over.

You can frequently find me scouring charity shops for vintage pieces, fabrics, haberdashery, and any other things I can possibly turn into jewellery or handbags!

I buy remnants from leather sofa manufacturers and old leather sofas are often given to me to be reused. Leather that will otherwise just go to waste now contributes to a steady stream of handbags, purses, and leather-backed notebooks.

 I am also very fortunate to receive a number of donations from customers who entrust me with some of their own heirlooms and I can’t think of anything more exciting than a unique piece of jewellery that has an entire lifetime of history to tell.

Recycling is something I’m very passionate about, to help to reduce the waste we are surrounded by, and I hope that through Vintage Love I can inspire others to embrace this way of life too.