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About Amber Pickering Art

Hi there!

My name is Amber,  and I'm the owner of Amber Pickering Art. 

Im a very busy single mum of seven. 

I started in business in 2014 when I created my first craft business - I soon realised that I loved the marketing and support side of business as much as  the actual craft side,  which is a lot! 

Things haven't always been easy. I left a very abusive marriage with my children (and dog), which led to us being homeless for 2 months. Definitely not easy when one of my boys is a disabled wheelchair user. But throughout I managed to stay focused on what would be possible when we were safe and settled. 

Now my focus is on supporting other creatives and creative businesses - many leave their businesses because they find everything too much, which makes their creative sanctuary a source of stress.  My aim is to create that creative business balance which is essential. 

Causes that are close to my heart are raising awareness of domestic abuse, and raising awareness of Ostegenesis Imperfecta.