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Handmade bead and wire tree sculptures

About Twysted Roots

Twysted Roots, maker of handmade bead and wire tree sculptures. 

Creating bead and wire trees has combined my love of art, creativity and being inspired by nature. Every tree is made by hand and from the heart. Some even turn out to be shaped like one ❤

Each tree is unique and cannot be exactly replicated so you are guaranteed to have a one off design. Trees can be of a single bead or wire colour or a complimentary or contrasting mix. They make a lovely gift either as a stand alone decorative item, part of a collection, or even as a cake topper for a celebratory cake. 

I work with tarnish resistant copper wire which is available in a range of colours. My main beads of choice are glass seed beads but I do have a wide range of other beads which I will sometimes incorporate into a design such as Murano glass, Swarovski crystal or gemstone. 

For cake toppers, an acrylic base will be included. I have used other materials previously such as slate and various crystals, but I don't attach a base as standard as trees are designed to be self supporting and will stand on their own.