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Wire is the star! Wire art, suncatchers, cotton reel bouquets, place settings and more!

About Dangles

I’m Lorraine, master of all things wire twisting at Dangles!

I started out making jewellery and found that wire was my favourite medium to link gemstones, beads and crystals together.  As the market was pretty much saturated with talented jewellery makers, I decided to diversify into other creations, but still involving wire as that was what I enjoyed most.  

So along came wire art; framed pictures with wire at the heart - sheep, butterflies, flowers, hot air balloons, mermaids to name a few.  Then smaller creations like sun catchers/mobiles and cotton reel bouquets.  Following a suggestion, I fiddled with upcycling the wire cages from bottles of sparkling wine and champagne into mini chairs to be used a place settings.

More recently, I have started the journey to make 3D hanging pieces, the first being a hot air balloon made entirely of coloured wire. 

If it’s wire, I love it...... If it’s colourful, I love it...... if it’s creative, I love it!