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About The Wool Painter

Having spent many years in the art world using pastels and pencils doing the same type of art I felt unfulfilled and directionless, I wanted and was above all ready for a new challenge.  I had always wanted to be a textile artist, I have a real love fabrics and fibres from all over the world and I wanted to create art that embraces all the cultures and their vibrancy.

I had dabbled with felt/wool a bit here and there but nothing really developed. However, following the sad loss of our two dogs and our cat I really found myself drawn to wools as they have a fur like quality to them, I guess it gave me comfort in some way.  Anyone who has a precious pet knows the intense sadness and the void they leave when they cross over.  I wanted so desperately to have something tangible of theirs so I decided to do their portraits out of the fibres that gave me comfort and prior to their passing I had collected a fur sample, never knowing what would become of it.  I used the wool to paint their portraits and wondered whether I could use their fur as it had similar qualities to it, it worked perfectly.  I worked really hard to make them life like and it wasn’t long before friends and family wanted me to do their pets too and it was at that point I realised I could make this into a small business.

So at this point you’re probably wondering what ‘wool painting’ means. Well in the same way an artist uses paint, brushes and a canvas, I use wool, needles and fabric.  I take a small amount of the wool fibre and use a special needle that has barbs on it to push the wool into my fabric.  The needle barbs only face one way, so as I push down the wool goes through the fabric and is then locked into place.  I like to do pet portraits this way and add in their real fur for a very unique and truly special keepsake.

Painting with wool isn’t reserved just for pet portraits.  I like to combine wool with all the other fibres I have collected and create entirely one off soft furnishings in an artistic way that you definitely won’t see anywhere else.  I can take a sample of your fabric or colour scheme and design something totally unique that will never be replicated (unless a set is required).  I will work with you every step of the way to create something special just how you want it, to ensure it fits with your decor.